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About Us

Ulli and Joerg Becker


A true adventurer, Joerg had seen much of the world by age 26. He had traveled around the globe on a shoestring, had seen most of Europe from the seat of his bicycle, and had hiked and climbed in some of the world's great mountain ranges. But that wasn't enough! At 29, he and Ulli left their home in Germany and embarked on an epic trans-global cycle tour that, over the course of four years, saw them ride over 58,000 kilometers across four continents and through 42 countries.


Many would have been happy to settle down after such an experience, but it only fuelled their passion for travel and exploration. In 1987, the two began running their bicycle touring company, and over the following 29 years, Ulli and Joerg planned, organized, and led hundreds of high-end tours to the most incredible cycling destinations on the planet.

Turning their passion into a career, sharing their worldwide adventures, and becoming friends with many of their clients, has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Joerg and Ulli are looking forward to many more great journeys with new and old friends.   


Tisha Becker


Tisha grew up in the Slocan Valley, British Columbia, where she was introduced to the outdoors and to the backcountry from early on in her life. She joined the first tour in 1994 at age two, and is no stranger to adventure travel. Formally educated in marketing and design, Tisha's business acumen combined with her inherent adventure experience suit her perfectly for the next generation of the family’s tour business.

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